about us
Welcome to the worlds first ever built only Fools hearse carraige

Built to a very high standard to carry out the most dignified and respected funeral for any Trotters fan. I honestly believe this will bring a smile to anyone’s face and enlighten the sad loss of any loved one. I have built this hearse with the respect it deserves and hope it will make you smile and remember there’s a Del Boy in all of us.
John Sullivan has made all our lives a brighter and happier place to be in with the Trotters in Peckham and shown on our televisions for 30 years. You may have watched every series a 100 times but you still watch and laugh, his 3 wheel van is the most iconic car on the road today and brings that smile out of us even on our darkest days.

Sadly John has passed away and there will never be another series made, but fortunately UK gold gave us the hit series Only Fools and Horses night after night, what must be the most followed comedy ever. So I have built one and it’s turned out fantastic, I’ve taken the hearse for 2 funeral companies to view and they could not believe the quality and craftsmanship.

The hearse has the best of everything, for any family to know their loved ones are having their final send off in true trotter’s style. The hearse can be viewed and shown at any time they wish, before you decide this is what you want. You will definitely not be disappointed with Del’s Reliant Regal super van 3 leading the way.

The hearse can be hired and taken anywhere in the UK Scotland Ireland Wales and Isle of Man. A price structure will vary depending on where the van and hearse is being taken. For anyone wanting to hire the hearse, we can be contacted direct or you can inform your Funeral Director of your wishes to contact us. All calls are dealt with in a very discreet manor and we will help and make arrangements as easy as we can in your sad time of loss. We treat all our clients with confidentiality and respect any of your wishes you may have. Thank you for taking your time to browse our website. This hearse is the real deal and totally unique to Only Fools and Hearses the world’s first Trotters hearse to be offered for hire.